City of Titans - Rook Slammer
The Rooks are a group of combative bad-doers trying to exist in a city protected by super-powered humans. The local Titian City Police Department (TCPD) and other law enforcement agencies consider them a street gang. The Rooks can be found anywhere in Titan City but their favorited hangouts include the Alexandria and Weston zones. They reliably frequent a bar known as "The Bad Bishop". 

Tyrone Fischer is the rumored 'Grandmaster' of the Rooks. His bodyguard Checkmate is also the 'supreme enforcer' and he is joined by upcoming Rook leader Megaton - the only one of the three with powered abilities. 

This decentralized group of criminals are rumored to consistently compete among themselves for power. The main focus of these internal struggles revolves around a task known only as 'finding your Edge'. They believe this so-called Edge is an ability or power that will set each individual apart from the others and make them stronger. When not in combat, committing a crime, or competing with each other, the members of Rooks dedicate themselves to both mental and physical training.  

To date, the Rooks are the largest non-powered (minus Megaton) criminal organization in Titan City. Known rivals include the Black Rose and the Five Dragons. They are most commonly seen in a blend of black and white clothing, generally a white t-shirt with black pants. Their chessboard black and white motif adorns their vest or jacket. There is one exception however to this scheme. If cell leaders are 'at war', some Rooks can be seen wearing either all white, or all black.

The gang's logo is a rook - a castle tower game piece used in Chess. To continue the theme, leaders are often given the titles of "knights' or "bishops" depending on their assigned role.