City of Titans is the superhero MMORPG being developed by Missing Worlds Media. It was originally known as The Phoenix Project and was created in the spirit of City of Heroes, a superhero mmo created by Paragon and published by NCSoft. NCSoft closed the servers in November 2012 and the game is still mourned today by avid fans. None of the superhero games published since that time has come close to rivaling City of Heroes but one group has vowed to make it happen. The spiritual successor was successfully Kickstarted funded in 2014.

Since then the studio has been fairly quiet about the game, which occasional videos and update. They recently announced a release timeframe of 2018 and in doing so, revived any dwindling excitement of the fans.


City of Titans is a multiplayer online game that pits heroes against villains. It's a story of good vs evil in which the player chooses their own adventure and runs their own agency in a world of costume-covered superhumans. Be the hero you always knew you could be and take a stand in the name of honor, truth, and justice. Be a shining light in the center of darkness. Fly, punch and blast your way into the hearts of the citizens of Titan City. Or maybe, this isn't your style at all. Maybe you choose to lurk in the shadows, waiting for that perfect moment to strike against everything good. Gather minions, plan and scheme to bring down those who would try to stop you. In City of Titans, the choice is yours.